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Tru2U Babies, Children and Teen's Sleep Support

After 14 years it is the end of an Era - the costs of importing Tart Cherry from Europe have become unsustainable, so we have chosen to focus instead on our New Zealand grown Sweet Cherry Sleep Support.

It has the same standardised levels of melatonin as the Tart Cherry, so gives the same sleep benefits, and doesn't have to come from the other side of the world (so costs less)!

Available in a 250ml (a 3-6 week supply) and more economical 1 litre (a 3-6 month supply) bottle, we call it 'Sweet' to differentiate it from the Tart Cherry, but in fact it has exactly the same sugar levels - just a softer and more velvety taste.


Absolutely no additives, bottled in a black HDPE plastic (which does not leach or let light in) to preserve the highest possible quality, and with a money back guarantee.

Research shows certain varieties of sweet cherries grown in Central Otago contain naturally occurring phytomelatonin essential for supporting the body's natural circadian rhythms, suitable for babies, children and teenagers for a quality and restful sleep.

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