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How to use Tru2U and Yumm Products
Sleep and Yumm

Yumm ways to use Flaxseed Oil!

Green Smoothie? Breakfast Smoothie?

Add 1 Tablespoon of your favourite oil. Pure, Lemon, Chilli? You choose!

Egg Fried Rice

More Chilli Oil? Cracked Pepper? Garlic Oil? Yumm!

Creamy Potato Mash

The healthy way! Instead of butter, add Garlic Oil in your mash for that creamy delectable taste.

Healthy Garlic Bread

Create the perfect garlic bread. Drizzle Garlic Oil over warm bread or toast.

Creamy Pumpkin

or Mushroom Soup

Family favourite! Anyone care for more Garlic!

Roast Vegetables with Rosemary Oil

Take the roast veges out of the oven and drizzle with lashings of

Rosemary oil...

Appetising Asparagus

Delish Lemon Oil, seasoned with sea salt and pepper.

Pasta Caprese with Mozzarella, Basil and Tomato

Love that luscious creamy and delicate taste? Add your morish flax seed oil.

Summer Salad

‘No Fuss’ Dressing

Fast, easy and appetising! Drizzle your favourite Yumm oil over your salad.

Recommended serving sizes:

Consume recommended serving daily, in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach. Dilute concentrate to taste, or take 1-2 capsules. May be consumed more often if necessary.

Enjoy one hour before bedtime to support good sleeping habits.

Body Weight        Concentrate

  70kg+                   30ml

55-70kg                  25ml

40-55kg                  20ml

30-40kg                  15ml

20-30kg                 10ml

10-20kg                   5ml

Tru2U Tart Cherry for Joint Support

Tru2U Sleep Support

Body Weight

70+ kg

55-70 kg

40-55 kg

30-40 kg

20-30 kg

10-20 kg

Recommended Serving Size for Tru2U Sleep Support 

Original Strength Concentrate







Double Strength Concentrate







For children or smaller adults we recommend the

serving size be reduced in proportion to their body

weight. Most people enjoy a dilution of 1 part juice

to 7 parts water. Do not heat.

(A small syringe makes measuring small quantities easier)

Sport Support

Tru2U Tart Cherry for Sport Support

Enjoy as concentrate or dilute to taste.

Leading up to an event

30mls tart cherry concentrate or 2 capsules daily for seven days

Pre Workout

30mls tart cherry concentrate or 2 capsules

one hour before exercise

During Exercise

Drink 30mls concentrate with water (240 mls diluted) as required for hydration


30mls tart cherry concentrate or 2 capsules within 30 minutes of exercise, then daily for

three days

Before Sleep

30mls tart cherry concentrate or 2 capsules 

one hour before bedtime

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