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Tru2U Joint Support Flaxseed Oil

Tru2U Flax Seed Oil is at least 60% Omega-3, alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) - nature’s richest vegetarian source of Essential Fatty Acid (EFA)! 


Omega-3 is required for normal cell tissue, gland and organ function for optimum

health and survival. Omega-3 is defined as ‘essential’ because your body cannot make it – you have to

eat it. Omega-3 is essential to life and you cannot exist without it.


Research indicates you need at least one tablespoon daily of the ‘good fats’ for maximum

benefit. Independent laboratory testing guarantees Tru2U oil is free from herbicides and

pesticides. No additives, gluten, dairy, egg and nut free.

All Yumm Flaxseed Oil is bottled in a black HDPE plastic to produce the highest possible quality, that does not leach or let light in with a money back guarantee.


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