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Tru2U Tart Cherry Joint Support

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A Nutrition Powerhouse

Research indicates that Montmorency tart cherries may help reduce inflammation related to arthritis and gout

For decades, people with arthritis and gout have consumed Montmorency tart cherry juice for relief of symptoms dash even though many of the evidence was anecdotal, and some people dismissed the soothing claims as folklore.


Now this hard science to back it up. Touch areas are one of the highest sources of phenolic compounds, specifically anthocyanins, which have been shown to fight inflammation dash even as much as some pain medications. And fact, some researchers have concluded that Montmorency tart cherries have more inflammation fighting potential than any other food.

A look at the evidence


Reduces inflammation. University of Memphis researchers found that 8 ounces of 100% tart cherry juice - equivalent to about 50 tart cherries - consumed daily for four weeks helped reduce inflammation associated with many chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and obesity.


Reduces uric acid levels. Excess uric acid in the blood is the culprit behind the excruciating pain of a gout attack. When participants drank 8 ounces of 100% Montmorency tart cherry juice daily for four weeks they experienced lower levels of uric acid in their blood, which is a biomarker for information and risk factors for cardiovascular disease.


Lowers risk of gout attacks. Patients with gout who consumed Montmorency tart cherries over a two-day period showed a 35% lower risk of gout attacks compared to no intake. The risk of gout attacks was 75% lower when Montmorency tart cherry intake was combined with the uric acid reducing drug allopurinol.


Manages osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a common disorder affecting 70 million North Americans. Oregon Health & Science University found that participants who drank 10.5-ounce bottles of Montmorency tart cherry juice twice daily for 21 days experienced a significant reduction in serum biomarkers of inflammation. They concluded that Montmorency tart cherry juice may be an effective way for osteoarthritis patients to manage their disease.

What you can do:

Replace the juice you're currently drinking with Tru2U Montmorency Tart Cherry juice. All forms of Montmorency tart cherries have anti-inflammatory benefits, but on a per-serving basis, Montmorency tart cherry juice concentrate was found by researchers to have the greatest anti-inflammatory activity.

With millions of people looking for ways to naturally manage pain it's promising that Montmorency tart cherries can help, without the possible side effects often associated with arthritis medications. I'm intrigued by the potential for a real food to offer such a powerful anti-inflammatory benefit dash especially for active adults.


Kerry Kuehl, MD, DrPH, Oregon Health & Science University

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The Natural Way to Healthy Joints

Tru2U Joint Support is produced from Montmorency Tart Cherries which contain potent anthocyanin antioxidants to effectively support healthy joints in adults, teens and children.


Why Tru2U Joint Support?

• 100% pure fruit concentrate – superior quality with absolutely no additives, no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no flavours or colouring agents, gluten and GMO free  

• Kept chilled at all times from the orchard to the bottle. This process preserves the superior quality and potency of the cherries, producing a high quality juice

• Fully recyclable black HDPE plastic bottles do not leach into the juice or let light in. This protects the juice and anthocyanins which are potent antioxidants

• 100% natural – may be enjoyed during pregnancy and breastfeeding

• Low Glycemic Index (GI-54) suitable for many diabetics

• Also contains Phytomelatonin, a powerful antioxidant to support regular natural sleep patterns

• Powerful antioxidants and anthocyanins to support the immune system, health and wellbeing

• Tastes great – Tart Cherries have a delicious and refreshing sweet-tart taste

Why Anthocyanins?

Montmorency Tart Cherries are well known for having the highest concentrations of anthocyanins 1 & 2.


Anthocyanins 1 & 2 act like a neutralizer to calm and ease muscles and joints that are tired, stiff and stressed, as well as supporting muscle mobility after exercise for relief and comfort.

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Offers Support For:

• Healthy joints

• Joint mobility

• Flexible joints and muscles

• Active lifestyle

• Healthy heart

• Great energy levels

• Healthy immune system

• Quality and restorative sleep

How do Anthocyanin Antioxidants work?

There is substantial scientific research linking Montmorency Tart Cherries to an array of important health benefits.


Montmorency Tart Cherries are one of the richest sources of powerful

antioxidants called anthocyanins. Anthocyanins give Montmorency

cherries their deep distinctive rich ruby-red colour and belong to a

large group of phenolic compounds called flavonoids, naturally

found in cherries.

Research conducted at Michigan State University found that

Montmorency Tart Cherries contained the highest concentrations

of anthocyanins 1 and 2, which help block enzymes in the body

popularly known as COX-1 and COX-2.


Some pain medications work by inhibiting COX-1 and COX-2,

which may explain why some people find that Montmorency Tart

Cherries naturally help to ease and soothe the symptoms of

arthritis and gout.

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- Dr. Lester Packer, PhD, world renowned cell biologist

“There is overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrating that people who eat a diet rich in antioxidants...

will live longer, healthier lives.”


How do I use Tru2U Joint Support?  

IMPORTANT: May take 2-4 weeks or longer to start feeling the benefits

• Consume daily for at least 4 weeks for optimum results

• Consume either concentrate or 1-2 capsules daily, or more often if necessary

• For children and toddlers reduce serving size according to body weight

• Dilute 1 part juice to 7 parts water, or dilute to taste – DO NOT HEAT

• Tru2U products are of superior quality and should be refrigerated or frozen whenever possible to protect the nutritional benefits

• The concentrate will not freeze solid when frozen, remaining

   pourable straight from the freezer

• For added convenience mix up a sealed jug and keep in the fridge

• Enjoy one hour before bed to support good sleeping habits

• Tastes great over yoghurt

• Use as an ice-cream topping

• Blend into smoothies or mix with other juices

• Consult your practitioner if you take Warfarin

• Always read the label and use as directed

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Recommended serving sizes:

Consume recommended serving daily, in the morning, preferably on an empty stomach. Dilute concentrate to taste, or take 1-2 capsules. May be consumed more often if necessary.

Enjoy one hour before bedtime to support good sleeping habits.

Body Weight        Concentrate

  70kg+                   30ml

55-70kg                  25ml

40-55kg                  20ml

30-40kg                  15ml

20-30kg                 10ml

10-20kg                   5ml

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