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Flax: Your Muscles & Body

Flax Seed Oil is receiving an overwhelming response from athletic and bodybuilding enthusiasts. Flax Seed Oil has been around for a long time, and is now generating more interest than ever. So what’s all the hype about?

Very simple! Flax Seed Oil is essential for optimum health and athletic performance!

And “essential” means just that! Flax Seed Oil contains important fatty acids (Omega‐3) that are required for optimum health and must be eaten as part of your diet because your body cannot make them.

Why is that so important? Most Kiwi’s are deficient in these critical nutrients. That means your body is not working as efficiently as it should.

A tendency toward fatphobia and intense energy demands means athletes and body-builders are even more likely to fall into this category of nutrient deficiency.

Energy Unlimited

So if you are deficient, and Omega‐3 essential Fatty acids are important, what does that mean for you?

The essential Omega‐3 fatty acids in Flax Seed Oil are used by your body to form hormone‐like compounds that nourish and strengthen every part of your body…..

• Formation of healthy cell walls

• Oxygen transport into cells

• Hormone synthesis

• Removal of saturated fats

• Steroid production

• Immune response

• Energy metabolism for the heart muscle

• Targeting of endocrine hormones

• Regulating nerve transmission

• Regulation of smooth muscle & autonomic reflexes

Build Your Muscles

The fatty acids in Flax Seed Oil are essential nutrients, just like vitamins and minerals. They are the bricks and mortar from which your body makes all the other fatty acids and hormone precursors critical to building strong lean muscle, as well as for building the stamina required for endurance.

Fish vs Flax

Omega‐3 has been widely popularised by the fish oil industry – many of the main stream brands are produced from the waste stream of fish processing plants so they have a strong motivation to sell them.

The most important difference is that the omega-3’s found in fish can be made in your body from the omega‐3 in flax seed oil, but not the other way around.

In other words the omega‐3 from flax seed oil is the only Omega-°©‐3 essential fatty acid. The omega-°©‐3’s in fish oil are just plain fatty acids – they aren’t essential because your body can make them from other foods, especially flax seed oil!

Pump It Up

In addition to providing essential nutrients, Flax Seed Oil delivers high-intensity fuel, essential for any athlete. Flax Seed Oil provides 9 calories of energy per gram, compared to just 4 calories per gram for carbohydrate and protein sources.

Most importantly and very interesting, instead of contributing to unwanted body fat, omega-3’s fuel processes in the body that actually speeds up fat loss. Although Flax Seed Oil is described as a fat because of it’s molecular structure, the fatty acids act in the body as anti‐fats.

What Secret?

Flax Seed Oil used to be regarded as the ‘best kept secret’ amongst bodybuilders and athletes, - not any more!

Sports supplementation used to be about males involved in bodybuilding and professional athletes – now there is an even mix of gender from kids, teens, women to grandparents with a diversity of sports where supplementation has become the norm.

So at what level of fitness do you need Flax Seed Oil? If you are walking, talking, eating and breathing, then you need it for sustaining, maintaining, and excelling in athletic performance.

Flax Seed Oil ranks in the top ten sports supplements on every website and personal trainers’ list because it improves response time, improves the metabolism of fats, aids in muscle repair at the cellular level by significantly improving the rate and quality of tissue repair.

For many athletes the simplest way to enjoy a quality Flax Seed Oil is to blend it with your daily protein drink. The general recommendation is about one tablespoon per 50kg of body weight, several times a day depending on your varying intense energy demands.

Flax Facts for Athletes

• Improved stamina and endurance

• Faster muscle recovery after workouts

• Increased uptake and utilization of oxygen

• Enhanced athletic performance

• Faster recovery time after strenuous exercise

• Increased energy without increasing body fat

Quality is Paramount

Flax Seed Oil is very delicate; like wine and coffee, when it is made well it is delicious and beneficial, when it is poor quality it tastes foul and is actively bad for you. The reason it often tastes bad is that omega-3’s oxidise very easily, and when they are oxidised, they taste revolting!

Be sure to choose a Flax Seed Oil that is of the highest possible quality, with protection from light and oxidation, and which has been kept cool. Just like any oil, if it tastes bad, don’t eat it!

Tru2U Sport Support Flax Seed Oil

When choosing a product that is best for you, make sure it is truly the best! We focus on quality, producing exceptional freshness, pure extra virgin Flax Seed Oil that is cold pressed without heat, light or oxygen.

Black HDPE bottles do not leach into the oil and is the only way to stop light from oxidizing the oil. With absolutely no additives, Tru2U complies with the WADA anti‐doping code. Tru2U Flax Seed Oil is a delicate oil with a great taste!

• 100% pure, natural & unrefined

• Cold pressed with no heat or light

• Superior seed lines grown in Canterbury, NZ

• Highest possible levels of Omega‐3 (60%)

• HDPE black protective bottle to prevent oxidation

• Guaranteed free of agricultural residues by independent laboratory testing

• Easy to use drip free pourer – no mess 0800 87 82 82

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